Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Unexpected Wisdom

It was a cool autumn night everything and everyone was at peace with each other everyone but the young ambitious physicist  Edwin Jacobs. Edwin was young but deadly intelligent he alone fought each and every waking hour constantly striving to not only be the best physicist his city had ever seen but rather be the best physicist the world had ever seen.  Concocting any theory was not what he seeked he above all else wanted to unravel the mystery that was space and time itself. His mother was both compassionate and supportive as she believed that he could accomplish anything once he set his mind to it her name was Adelia she had brown hair and was around 5 feet 6 inches tall. His father Edmund had black hair and was around 6 feet 1 inch tall but was both ferocious and forthcoming and therefore he was not afraid to tell Edwin how diluted this plan might sound in fact Edmund had already put in place great plans for his child and none of them would include the goose chase that was explaining time.  But this did not faze Edwin for a second as he inherited his father's stubbornness. So once he was old enough to carry out his long awaited life's passion he ran out the door 
exclaiming "its my life and I will live it how I see fit" and left right after his father roared in frustration. Edwin began traveling he was a man and no longer daunted by what or who he might come across.  Edwin set out far and wide for knowledge that he could bring together in order to finally solve the riddle that so many before him had failed to do. He started in a nearby city next to the home he had left behind still clinging on to what he once knew but also hoping to find anything that might help him.  
The entrance to city was grand but nothing in comparison to the grandeur of the city itself the streets were paved to a smooth finish that reflected the sun's light which gave everything near them a luminescent glow. Here he hoped that the answers he seeked would be found.  After many days exploring this new and extravagant place he found a great deal of trinkets and goods he thought were peculiar but none brought he closer to his goal to his surprise the people who inhabited  the city were too busy or uninterested all but a man begging for his next meal this man was not your typical beggar he was not sad at all despite what had befallen him but rather he was relaxed and quite composed or satisfied. Edwin was confused he wondered what might this man have to be so content with he tried to ignore the beggar but there was something exotic or foreign about him and the more he thought about him the more questions grew in his mind like a plague of thoughts that seemed inescapable.  
The next day he sought out the man hoping to find him in the same location he had seen him the day previous luckily the man was still there in fact he seemed almost statue like now unwavering except the the slight movements of his chest expanding and contracting Edwin quickly moved towards him at this point almost ready to explode with curiosity once he had reached the man he asked as politely as humanly possible 
"sir how is it that you alone remain happy and content with what you have but others in this city seem relentless in the pursuit for personal achievement" in a reporter like fashion.  
The beggar confused at first turned slowly to Edwin and simply said "its not what we as people have achieved with our time but rather who we choose to share it with that is important don't you think so ?"
Just as he was finishing what he was trying say his wife appeared from down the sidewalk in raggedly cloths but was still surprisingly beautiful in her own way 
Edwin replied with a hint of hesitation "yes but don't you believe you could accomplish something greater in life."
the beggar inquired "what is greater than living a life surrounded by those who love you" 
Edwin again completely caught off guard unable to give the beggar an answer this time nodded in recognition and 
said "thank you" slowly turning away pondering what the old man had said completely and totally perplexed at the level insight the man displayed and it dawned on him the pursuit for time was relentless just like the people he had encountered in the city it was endless time was not something that could simply be explained it was something that had to savored and cherished with those you love. immediately Edwin knew he had made a grave mistake leaving his family and friends behind so he took all he had and promptly returned to his old life and although still thirsty for knowledge Edwin would rather try and explain the mysteries of the world from the safety comfort of his home town.        

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