Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quick write smell taste

The anticapation kills me as I wait for my meal to be prepared imagining the sweet suculent chicken being placed in front of me and the meat melting in my mouth causes my mouth to water and an unquenchable hunger begins to ster within me visualising a gravy tsunami pouring down my mashed potatoes causing unimaginable devestation on kernals of corn below. 

My Eden

My eden would only have one season it would be neither summer nor winter but rather a constant ocean breeze that would sweep across the lands it would be shrouded in mountains so that winter activitys could be enjoyed all year round but so could summer ones on the terrain below food would be abundant and none would go hungry and a great stream would flow through the heart of the city. the city would be neither mordern nor ancient but rather buildings would have both culture and practicality.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How to tie your shoe's in two movements

Step One: Lay the foundation of a normal shoe tie by criss-crossing the laces. 

Step Two: Make guns with your hands place the right and left laces under the fingers on your hands which are pointing inward. 

Step Three: Once you have your guns point them at the ground bring your thumb and pointer finger underneath and over your right lace.

Step Four: Now with your left lace bring your pointer over and under the lace and follow up with your thumb.

Step Five: Now you should have what looks like to strings across your fingers what you need to do is do the movement to cross them.

Step Six: Grab the upper area of the left lace with your right thumb and pointer and grab the lower area of the right lace with your left thumb and pointer.

Step Seven: pull each lace finishing the tie.

Monday, 21 April 2014

blog theme explanation

       I have chosen the mountain background for my blog because during spring break I went to the mountains with two of my uncles and my dad and the trip left quite the lasting impression on me.