Thursday, 19 June 2014

#6 Memoir breaking points can you set yours?

Authors note: This Picture was taken when I was scraping off the thick layers of packed snow from my drive way when suddenly the Ice breaker snapped luckily I was just about ready to stop anyways you could say it was my breaking point. This memoir was based on breaking points I feel this is important because in my opinion a breaking point helps define who we are as individuals and how far we are willing to go to.
I used the question mark leave it as open ended as possible do you believe breaking points are in our nature or are they apart of our nurture?

#5 Memoir Explore all the paths in life

Authors note: This picture matches my memoir because I came to be here through ultimate this was a fundraiser ultimate tournament for cancer research which included a DJ it could possibly be one of my favorite memories during the school year and I would not have even experienced if it weren't for the exploration of the sport to begin with that was my 1st year playing ultimate but after half a season here I am playing with some of the best players in Manitoba that thus I would like to encourage the exploration of all paths available to you throughout life. I choose to change the direction of the text to help others better interpret the message.  

#4 Memoir Its the little things worth remembering

Authors note: This memoir is about past experiences that you will carry with you for the rest of your life
I feel like this picture works well with my memoir because this McDonald feast was bought during graphic arts when one day Mr.Bilious sent me, Mark and Scott on an adventure to purchase McDonalds not only for ourselves but for the entire class. The word little is shrunk down but turned white making stand apart from the others in doing so I have tried to replicate the feeling of a memorable experience only in the the type.

#3 Memoir DON'T let life pass you by

Authors note: This memoir is about social relations and the importance of staying connected with friends and peers within your community now more then ever I am realizing all of the people that I have taken for granted and how much I will miss them once I have graduated. I feel this picture represents my memoir because in preventing life from passing you by you are automatically exploring different ethnic groups and cultures that may or may not have otherwise interacted with and in the same way our shoes don't define who we are why should we let our skin or beliefs divide our community.  

#2 Memoir Positivity is the Key to happiness

Authors note: I am a strong believer in the power of thinking positively and for that reason I have decided to make this memoir based on it. This picture was taken the day of me and mark completing the very rigorous tutorial video project in graphic arts which I believe turned out quite well but only because of the constructive criticism of others and the power of perseverance and positivity once we had completed it we not only felt a great deal of a accomplishment but as well happiness. the word positivity is red to signify the positive charge and if you notice there aren't any words in black this is because black is representative of a negative charge. The word Key has been changed to yellow this is because in my mind when I think of an ultimate key to life it is the sun and thus I made the key yellow because I believe the ultimate key to life is positivity.

#1 Memoir Wild, Goofy, Embarrassing wouldn't change anything

Authors note: This six word memoir was inspired by family I felt like it was a very appropriate because although they often care to much or act goofy or odd I know there are those who aren't so lucky and would do pretty much everything to have the just a portion of the affection I receive on a daily basis. I chose to change the colour's of the words wild, goofy and embarrassing because I felt like it helps project the deeper meaning of each word that I am trying to invoke in the beholder further more the image I have chosen fits with the memoir because this picture was taken at the beginning of a very interesting night to say the least.

Friday, 13 June 2014

reading tweets #2

Divergent so far very curious makes me wonder what the world would be like if we were split into factions what factions do you think would exist #discuss #intro

!-When Beatrice encounters the old man who says "choose wisely" I think she may choose a harder path #prediction #foreshadowing

?- Do you think she will decide on switching factions or remain in her current one #question

language so far is very descriptive the author does a great job of expressing body language in her writing #writing style

I wonder how well other factions treat transfers my guess is poorly #prediction