Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How to tie your shoe's in two movements

Step One: Lay the foundation of a normal shoe tie by criss-crossing the laces. 

Step Two: Make guns with your hands place the right and left laces under the fingers on your hands which are pointing inward. 

Step Three: Once you have your guns point them at the ground bring your thumb and pointer finger underneath and over your right lace.

Step Four: Now with your left lace bring your pointer over and under the lace and follow up with your thumb.

Step Five: Now you should have what looks like to strings across your fingers what you need to do is do the movement to cross them.

Step Six: Grab the upper area of the left lace with your right thumb and pointer and grab the lower area of the right lace with your left thumb and pointer.

Step Seven: pull each lace finishing the tie.

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