Monday, 5 May 2014

Ted Talk Rory :Sutherland: Perspective is everything

This ted talk was truly intriguing not only was it funny but also extremely insightful I feel it had a powerful impact on me because it presented a different point of view that impinges upon ones everyday life and objectified the absurdity of various choices made showing us that there has to be a balance between technology, Economics, and Psychology in order to truly make rational decisions. He accomplished this by using the power of perception and in doing so added whole new aspects otherwise obscured. During this TED talk he uses various examples in order to further his points of view one in particular stuck out for me which was extremely interesting in my opinion that I've decided to share he points out that six billion pounds were spent to reduce the travel time on a train called the euro star from Paris to London by 40 minutes but for a mere faction of the cost that it took to reduce the travel time they could have installed internet on the train which wouldn't have reduced the travel time but rather made for a far more enjoyable ride and for maybe 10% of the money you could have payed all the worlds top male and female super models to walk around the train handing out free extravagant wine to the passengers leaving you with 5 billion pounds but the passengers would ask for the train to be slowed down as a result. This TED talk changed the way I perceive things in a extraordinary way.

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