Friday, 13 June 2014

John Massey Text connection assignment #3

The text to self connection I made while reading the book divergent was the jump into the seemingly deadly hole or the triumphant victory over what the hole represented fear and the passing into a new life leaving behind all Beatrice once knew. now personally I have never experienced a death defying jump such as this one but when reading this portion of the book I could not help but remember a similar jump that I underwent when I was a young  child my parents brought me to a cliff jumping location which was completely safe but like any (most) children I could not help but fear for my safety looking down at the water completely bewildered just staring blankly trying to figure out what might be beneath the water but to no avail there was no way of knowing for sure it was a leap of faith just like in the book I too came to realization that once I had conquered the jump I could truly stare fear In eye. Well at least a fear of heights.

The text to text connection I made while reading the book divergent was during the choosing ceremony Beatrice decided to go to dauntless and take a bold step to towards new life this part reminded me of a snowboarding book I read in middle school basically there was a cliff that no one dared go off it but the main character took a bold step and went off it in order to win a race kind of in the same way Beatrice acted when the choice fell upon her to be the abnegation girl her parents would have liked her to be or to dare to be something greater something meaningful.

during the book divergent without even being aware of it I issued each of the factions with an ethnic group that I was aware off in the world and in the same way some people are discriminated in our society it was happening again in the book people namely the abnegation were be discriminated because of how they were raised.   

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