Monday, 3 March 2014

Quick write / if life was a video game

If life was a video game childhood would be a level which taut you differnt skills or moves which allowed you to progress in later levels such as young adult only once  you have finished levels 1-2 would you be allowed to play level 3 adulthood collecting points along the way would be key for making a more enjoyable gaming experience throughout the epic journey that is your life some people would mature or progress through levels at a slower or faster rate. The level adulthood would be met with various decisions which would affect the journey set before you and the trials and tribulations that in turn might be associated with that journey. Some levels would be far more difficult then others but would also yield far more rewards. As you mature through levels you as a gamer would become more intelligent and vastly increase he speed at which you solve problems set before you. Unfortunately all games come to an end and in this case the end is death but your high score would be determined by how many points/experiences you had throughout the game and if it was high enough you may have made it to the highscores list leaving all other players a constant reminder of what you have accomplished. Throughout your life.

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  1. I think that is a solid way of describing life as a video game. Especially having your overall experiences used as points when you die/gameover being used a highscore style system. But what style of game would it be? Or would it be different for each person ?